We are excited to announce Peer Ministry Training is coming soon!

It will be held at First Lutheran Church on March 24th from 6:00-9:00pm and March 25th from 8:30am-5:00pm.

Peer Ministry Training

We are in the process of getting a Peer Ministry Training event lined up. We currently have Sunday school and confirmation options for youth, but currently we do not have a “youth group” and we would like to have more opportunity for youth to develop their faith. We did traditional “Luther League” style youth group, have some food, fun, games and a devotional. That style had limited participation and we would like more youth to be actively involved.

Peer Ministry Training will equip our congregation to do a different kind of youth ministry. Instead of ministry being done to and for youth, this training equips congregations to lead youth to do ministry, both within the congregation and everywhere they go. This training empowers youth to lead and make a difference.

Peer Ministry Training is for 1) high school students, 2) mature junior high school students 3) adults who will help lead the program and 4) other adult leaders in the congregation who need to be informed about the program so they can provide support. This approach cannot be a program led by just a few people disconnected from the rest of the life of the congregation. Like a flywheel, it will require commitment and investment from several adults and youth, and has potential for long term momentum, sustained spiritual growth, and impact in our congregation and community.

The church council believes this effort is vital for the growing health of our whole congregation. This effort is not just about providing a youth program. This effort is about our whole congregation living out our mission and values as we invest in the program together.

We believe YOU would make a vital contribution to this program because…

· We need people to:

· Pray

· Attend the training so you know what’s going on and have a vested interest in the program’s success.

· Commit to a year of working with the youth as an adult leader.

· Commit to a year of working as a leader to lead the other adult leaders.

The training dates are the evening of March 24th, 6-9pm and March 25th 8:30am-5pm. Please let us know if you are interested or want more information. You can also check out their website at https://peerministry.org/high-school/high-school/

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